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Can OnlyFans Videos Be Downloaded?

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Yes, OnlyFans videos can be downloaded by paying subscribers for personal offline viewing based on OnlyFans’ terms of service. Methods to save OnlyFans videos range from specialized downloader tools to screen recording to video converters. However, sharing downloaded content without permission is illegal. Continue reading for more details on downloading OnlyFans videos legally and safely.


OnlyFans has become one of the most popular subscriber-based social media platforms, allowing creators to monetize exclusive content. Since users must pay to access much of the content, a common question is whether you can download OnlyFans videos once you’ve paid.

Overview of OnlyFans

Founded in 2016, OnlyFans allows creators to earn money from subscribers and fans. Creators can charge subscription fees for access to their content and receive tips. While OnlyFans is often associated with adult content, it hosts fitness trainers, musicians, chefs and more.

OnlyFans does have policies against redistributing content posted to the site. This includes prohibitions on screenshots, screen recordings, and downloading videos for sharing elsewhere. However, downloading content solely for personal offline viewing is generally acceptable after paying for access.

Is It Legal to Download OnlyFans Videos?

Yes, it is legal to download OnlyFans videos that you have legitimately paid to access. The creator and subject still own the content to OnlyFans’ terms and conditions. But users who’ve paid a subscription or tip have the right to view and download content for personal, non-commercial use.

Sharing downloaded OnlyFans videos without permission is illegal. But again, keeping videos from a subscribed account for offline viewing generally does not violate OnlyFans terms, copyright law or content creator ownership rights.

How Can You Download Videos on OnlyFans?

While OnlyFans itself does not offer a built-in option to save videos, there are several methods users have found to download content:

Can OnlyFans Videos Be Downloaded

Use Third-Party Tools

Various third-party apps and browser extensions exist specifically for downloading OnlyFans video content. They detect videos as you view them through OnlyFans and add download options.

Some popular OnlyFans downloader tools include:

  • OnlyFans video downloader extensions – Browser add-ons for Chrome, Firefox and Opera that integrate download buttons on OnlyFans videos.
  • Standalone OnlyFans video downloader apps – Desktop programs that extract videos from OnlyFans for saving and offline viewing.
  • Online OnlyFans video downloaders – Web-based tools that allow entering an OnlyFans video URL to download the video file.
  • Mobile apps for OnlyFans downloads – Modified versions of the OnlyFans app for iOS and Android that permit saving videos locally.

The advantage of third-party tools is they streamline finding and downloading videos from OnlyFans. However, some have limits on quality or number of downloads before requiring paid upgrades.

Screen Recording Method

If you want to easily download a few OnlyFans videos without any software, screen recording is an option. Tools like QuickTime Player on Mac or the Xbox Game Bar on Windows 10 allow recording video of your screen.

Simply play the OnlyFans video and use the screen recorder to capture it. This creates a standard digital video file saved to your device that you can replay later offline. One downside is that screen recordings may have lower quality than the source video.

Tips for Downloading OnlyFans Videos

If you want to download videos from your OnlyFans account for personal offline viewing, keep these tips in mind:

  • Use an authentic OnlyFans subscription and valid payment method to access videos legally. Free or hacked accounts often get shut down quickly.
  • Try tools like browser extensions that integrate cleanly with OnlyFans over sketchy free software or apps. This avoids malware risks.
  • Don’t attempt to download videos from OnlyFans accounts you don’t subscribe to, as that constitutes piracy.
  • Download videos at the highest available resolution and quality settings for the best offline viewing experience.
  • Save OnlyFans videos to devices only you personally access rather than public clouds to ensure privacy.
  • Never attempt to monetize, distribute or share downloaded OnlyFans videos with others without express consent. This violates content creator rights.


Can You Download Videos from OnlyFans? Yes, OnlyFans videos can generally be downloaded by paying subscribers for personal offline use based

on the platform’s permissible use terms.

Onlyfans videos download options range from specialized downloader tools and apps to common video converter software or basic screen capture methods. Choose your preferred technique, but be sure to avoid any unauthorized sharing or distribution of paid OnlyFans content.

FAQ Of Onlyfans videos download

Are you allowed to save OnlyFans videos?

Yes, paying OnlyFans subscribers can download videos to their personal devices for offline viewing based on OnlyFans’ terms of service. However, unauthorized sharing of downloaded content is illegal.

Can you do videos on OnlyFans?

Yes, posting videos is a core part of OnlyFans. Creators can upload videos of any length and charge fans subscription fees or one-time tips to access them. Downloading for personal offline use is allowed under OnlyFans policies.

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