Top 4 Best OnlyFans Ripping Tools You Need Right Now!


OnlyFans has become incredibly popular for its exclusive content and direct interaction between creators and subscribers.

For many, the ability to rip OnlyFans content is essential for backup or offline viewing. This guide highlights the most effective methods to save OnlyFans content using four top tools: HLS Onlyfans Downloader, DVDFab Downloader, YTSaver, and Locoloader. Additionally, we’ll explore other methods and provide tool comparisons to help you choose the best solution for your needs.

Use HLS OnlyFans Downloader (Recommended)

OnlyFans Rip

HLS OnlyFans Downloader is purpose-built software that makes downloading OnlyFans content straightforward. Follow these steps:

  1. Download and install StreamFab on your Windows PC.
  2. Launch the app and go to the OnlyFans site using the built-in browser. Log into your OnlyFans account.
  3. Find a post with the content you want to save. StreamFab will automatically detect and analyze videos as you browse.
  4. Once the analysis is complete, select video quality and the specific files you want to download.
  5. Click Download and save OnlyFans content to your PC. Videos are saved as MP4 files by default.

The main benefits of HLS OnlyFans Downloader:

  • Downloads high-quality 1080p videos
  • Saves files in versatile MP4, MKV, MP3 formats
  • Fast batch downloading
  • Easy exporting of downloads
  • No account ban risks

Drawback – Limits number of downloads in free version

Use Chrome Extensions

Browser extensions like OnlyFans Downloader Chrome can also download content from the site.

  1. Click to download the Chrome Extension Onlyfans Downloader ZIP file and extract the zip file.
  2. Open Chrome and visit the OnlyFans website and log in with your account. Click on the “ OnlyFans Downloader Chrome ” extension icon and it will display a window that allows you to select OnlyFans creators to download their images or videos.
  3. Click the Download button and this extension will save these images from OnlyFans to your computer.

Pros: Easy to use, works directly within the browser.

Cons: Extensions sometimes stop working, can get you banned.

Which Is the Best Method to Rip OnlyFans Content?

The methods listed below ranked best to worst for downloading OnlyFans content based on convenience, reliability, and output quality:

  1. HLS OnlyFans Downloader (Windows/Mac)
  2. Browser extensions like HLS OnlyFans Downloader Chrome
  3. Built-in screen recording feature (iOS/Android)
  4. Online downloading tools

We strongly recommend HLS OFDownloader since it delivers the fastest, highest-quality downloads without getting your account suspended. Avoid online downloaders due to legal concerns.

Other Methods to Rip OnlyFans Content

In addition to HLS Onlyfans Downloader, there are several other tools can help you rip OnlyFans content. Here are a few alternatives:

Method 1: Using DVDFab Downloader to Rip OnlyFans Content

Introduction to DVDFab Downloader

DVDFab Downloader is a powerful tool that allows you to download videos from various websites, including OnlyFans. Its user-friendly interface and robust features make it a top choice for saving OnlyFans rip content.

Detailed Usage Guide

  1. Select the StreamFab OnlyFans Downloader: Install StreamFab OnlyFans Downloader and launch it on your computer.
  2. Play a video from OnlyFans: Choose and play a video from OnlyFans. StreamFab will analyze it automatically.
  3. Start downloading the video: You can download OnlyFans videos immediately or add them to the “Downloading Queue”.

Advantages of DVDFab Downloader

  • Speed: Fast download speeds ensure you save content quickly.
  • Format Support: Supports multiple video formats for versatile usage.
  • User-Friendly: Simple interface makes it easy for anyone to use.

Method 2: Using YTSaver to Rip OnlyFans Content

Introduction to YTSaver

YTSaver is another tool for downloading OnlyFans content. Known for its high-speed downloads and support for various formats, YTSaver is a reliable option for OnlyFans rip tasks.

Detailed Usage Guide

  1. Go to the YTSaver website and download the application.
  2. choose the output format and the quality of the video in the Downloading menu of “Preferences” tab.
  3. select the “Online” tab of the program, using the built-in browser, and go to
  4. When the download is completed you can access the video in the “Downloaded” Files section of YT Saver.

Advantages of YTSaver

  • Fast Speed: High-speed downloads for quick content saving.
  • Format Variety: Supports a wide range of formats.
  • Ease of Use: Intuitive interface makes downloading straightforward.

Method 3: Using Locoloader to Rip OnlyFans Content

Introduction to Locoloader

Locoloader is a dedicated downloader for OnlyFans content, offering a seamless and efficient way to save videos. It boasts a great user experience and comprehensive features, making it an excellent choice for OnlyFans rip needs.

Detailed Usage Guide

  1. Download Locoloader: Access the Locoloader website and download the software.
  2. Copy the OnlyFans Content Link: Copy the URL of the OnlyFans content you wish to download.
  3. Paste the Link in Locoloader: Open Locoloader and paste the link in the provided field.
  4. Start the Download: Click on the download button to begin saving the video. Locoloader will process and download the content.

Advantages of Locoloader

  • User Experience: Designed for an excellent user experience.
  • Feature-Rich: Offers a range of features for comprehensive content saving.
  • Efficient: Provides a smooth and efficient downloading process.

Other Methods to Rip OnlyFans Content

Aside from HLS OnlyFans Downloader, DVDFab Downloader, YTSaver, and Locoloader, several other tools can help you download OnlyFans content. Here are a few alternatives:

  • 4K Video Downloader: Known for its high-quality video downloads.
  • JDownloader: A versatile downloader that supports multiple websites.
  • StreamFab Downloader: Another robust option for saving streaming content.

These tools also enable users to rip OnlyFans content effortlessly. Each of these tools has its own set of features, and some may offer unique advantages depending on your specific needs.

Comparison and Recommendation of Tools

Below is a comparison of several tools for ripping OnlyFans content, including HLS OnlyFans Downloader, DVDFab Downloader, YTSaver, and Locoloader.

Tool Comparison

ToolSpeedFormat SupportUser ExperienceUnique Features
HLS OnlyFans DownloaderHighMultipleUser-FriendlySimple to use, efficient downloads
DVDFab DownloaderHighMultipleEasy to UseFast downloads, versatile formats
YTSaverHighMultipleIntuitiveHigh-speed downloads, format variety
LocoloaderHighMultipleExcellentUser-focused design, comprehensive features
4K Video DownloaderHighHigh-qualityModerateSupports 4K resolution downloads
JDownloaderModerateMultipleComplexSupports a wide range of websites
StreamFab DownloaderHighMultipleEasy to UseDesigned for streaming content


  • Best for Speed: HLS OnlyFans Downloader and DVDFab Downloader.
  • Best for User Experience: HLS OnlyFans Downloader and Locoloader.
  • Best for Versatility: HLS OnlyFans Downloader and JDownloader.

Depending on your specific needs—whether it’s speed, user experience, or versatility—you can choose the most suitable tool from the above recommendations.

Maximize Your OnlyFans Experience with Tool

Using HLS OnlyFans Downloader to rip OnlyFans content not only allows you to enjoy your favorite creators’ videos offline but also ensures you have backups of valuable content. Whether you are traveling, have limited internet access, simply prefer to have your content stored locally, and provide reliable and efficient solutions. Furthermore, HLS OnlyFans Downloader help you manage and organize your saved content, enhancing your overall experience on OnlyFans, you can make the most out of your OnlyFans subscription, enjoying high-quality content anytime and anywhere.


Saving OnlyFans content is essential for many users, whether for backup or offline viewing. This guide has provided detailed methods to save content using HLS OnlyFans Downloader, DVDFab Downloader, YTSaver, and Locoloader, along with additional alternatives and comparisons. By understanding the features and advantages of each tool, you can make an informed decision on the best method for saving OnlyFans content based on your specific requirements.

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